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The Shrine
19 July 2017

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Hanging Rock
16 July 2017

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Just because...
5 July 2017

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Long Jetty
1 May 2017

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Varying Focus
29 April 2017

Thumbnail image

28 April 2017

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Run by the river #2
24 April 2017

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28 January 2017

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Shadow Restaurant
17 April 2015

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Bali Food
13 April 2015

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Happy Long Weekend
10 March 2014

Thumbnail image

Street Seller
28 April 2012

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The Fruit Tree
13 September 2010

Recent Comments

omid on Paradise of the Bird variety
very nice shot! Lovely shapes & colors!

Existence Artistique on Paradise of the Bird variety

jpla on Eliza east of Silverton, east of Broken Hill
Un superbe portrait JP

beach on Eliza east of Silverton, east of Broken Hill
Nice portrait of Eliza

Existence Artistique on Eliza east of Silverton, east of Broken Hill

: Helen : on The Shrine
This is a fabulous shot Randal! Well done!

L'Angevine on The Shrine
bien ce cadrage

L'Angevine on The Shrine
belle vue

L'Angevine on The Shrine
bien la vue

L'Angevine on Hanging Rock

omid on Hanging Rock
Amazing view !!!!

L'Angevine on Kyneton Tree
bien ce ciel

omid on Kyneton Tree
Lovely tree!

L'Angevine on Local Gate - Kyneton
bien ce barbelé

L'Angevine on Kyneton Trees
bien agréable

: Helen : on Local Gate - Kyneton
Love the rhythm the wire creates !

: Helen : on Kyneton Trees
Beautiful! You saved the best for AM3!

L'Angevine on The LongJetty
bien la vignette

L'Angevine on Just because...

: Helen : on Just because...
LOVE this!!!! JUst because ......

: Helen : on Fitzroy
Adore the lines! Good eye Randal!

L'Angevine on Fitzroy

: Helen : on Long Jetty
I have been neglecting my Am3 favs lately! Fabulous shot Randal!

L'Angevine on Long Jetty
splendide photo

MAU on Long Jetty
Nice framing and perspective. Perhaps a bit overexposed?

L'Angevine on One
très bien recherché

: Helen : on One
Superb composition Randal, it has quite a graphic "feel" to it.

L'Angevine on Varying Focus

L'Angevine on Relax
trop bien

L'Angevine on Fishing with the big boys.

L'Angevine on Port Welshpool

Ronnie 2¢ on Fishing with the big boys.
What a strong presence the vessel has here !

L'Angevine on Run by the river #2
bon travail

L'Angevine on Run by the river

L'Angevine on Look up again
une intéressante force dans cette photo

Mehri on Run by the river

Anne on Run by the river

L'Angevine on Melbourne's newest business area
c'est du bon travail

L'Angevine on Library reading.
Tu as eu le bon oeil pour cette recherche

: Helen : on Library reading.
Love the slit scene! You have a good eye!

L'Angevine on Library
une connexion parfaite dans l'esprit de cette recherche...

Anne on Library

L'Angevine on Ride
C'est avec plaisir que je suis ton coeur artistique

omid on Ride
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections! Amazing shadows!

: Helen : on Ride
Lovely framing Randal!

L'Angevine on Look Up.
Tu as pris en tes mains une intéressante inspiration et qui le rend bien à mes yeux

Anne on Look Up.
Great point of view!

: Helen : on Look Up.
A sweeping graphic cityscape! Nice work Randal!

L'Angevine on They say don't shoot into the sun.
il suffit d'une fois pour avoir un excellent résultat artistique dans une recherche

L'Angevine on Lunchtime off
du bon travail dans cette recherche

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